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Our company has developed a perfect integrated system to overlooks the whole supply chain. This system is overlooked in cooperation with our R&D, quality control, sales and logistics department.

R&D department:

Prime responsibility of this department is to develop new products and new recourses and to be able to analyse markets requierments. They deal with feedback given by farmers and customers to improve the production process.

Quality control department:

Quality is essential to our companies philosofie and the brigde this companiy leans on. We always regard quality as the most importand aspect of our existence.
We have established a full quality contolled system carried out by our specialists that contains following:

Raw materials quality control

We strictly inspect all incoming materials according to an inhouse developed Raw Mateials Inspection Standard that we call ARMIS. ARMIS cosists of a wide list of demans these products must fulfill.

Production quality control

We carefully monitor each step in the production process in our factory. Assuring qualified products only to move forward to the next step.

Final product inspection

We have a series of defenitive standards for the final products which are carefully and individually inspected.


The responsibility of this department is to service each customer at the best of their ability and to provide feedback to the organisation to customers demands.


Aims to get the process of manufacturing and stock of products well planned to ensure our customers get the best quality. It communicates and coordinates in cooperation with other departments to ensure the integrity of the products. The ultimate goal of this department is to ensure punctual delivery of best quality products to our customers