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Refined Soybean Oil / Crude Soybean Oil
Refined Soybean Oil specification:

Color (Lovibond): 20 yellow / 2.0 red maximum
FFA (as oleic): Max 0.05%
Peroxide Value: 2.0 milliequivalents/Kg
Cold Test: 5.5 hours minimum
Fat Stability: 8 hours - 3.5 milliequivalents/Kg
Moisture and Volatile Matter: Max. 0.10% (0.05% should be achievable)
Preservatives: GRAS permitted
Marine Oils: Absent
Appearance: Clear and brilliant at 21 - 29°C
Settlings: Absent
Taste/Odor: Bland and free from foreign undesirable odors

Besides above we also sell crude degummed palm oil, Rbd palm olein, Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil & corn oil in bulk or container.