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KT AGRO TECH is a private enterprice established in 2011. The founders have many years experience in growing and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as garlic, ginger, carrots, mung beans, coffe bean, okro/Lady Finger, onions and apples.

After years of developing our production process we have become one of the leaders in supplying fresh products all over the world.

To ensure and maintain this position, KT Agro Tech has 6 technicians and 2 senior engineers who have life long experience to overlook our production and suplly chain.

Our skilled team consists of professionals with indept knowledge of this industry. Our products are provided by carefully selected suppliers who work together with our  specialists to ensure the highest quality possible. This led to a strong partnership with over 70 carefully selected farmers.

We continiously make a effort to expand and develop new products and resourses, providing a wide range of products and services that meet the demands of our world wide customers.

Our main goal is to strive to three things: intergrity, innovation and development. Providing to come to a win-win situation for all our customers.

This is done by a first class production, sales and distribution service. It enables us to distribute our fresh products worldwide at very competative prices.

( The next thing you want to mention is SERVICES, but its not. Your are telling something about your products, not about your service!!!!!  You have to call this PRODUCTION, so we will call this production )